Welcome to the Amateur Kitchen!

In this day and age, balancing between the demands of a busy lifestyle and a healthy one has become a challenge many often struggle with. And unfortunately, when all the work and chores are done, reaching for a packaged meal or take out menu has become a lot easier than finding the time to plan a healthy home-cooked meal.

At the Amateur Kitchen we strive to help others with simple, healthy and quick ideas for the everyday culinary endeavor or special event and gathering just the same. Our tips and tricks will save you precious time, and in many cases money as well. We’ve conducted multiple experiments utilizing a variety of kitchen tools and appliances, growing herbs and produce and creating weekend treats and splurges, and have tons of knowledge to share. We don’t believe in just handing out recipes and wishing you luck. Our goal is to teach you the most basic, and sometimes seemingly elaborate, methods that will help you experiment with your favorite ingredients so that you can create delicious meals by yourself, and every time.

The Amateur Kitchen awaits your suggestions, comments and questions, any ideas and tips too; as we share our own simple and delicious creations to ensure a happier and healthier you!!

“Give a man a recipe, and you’ve helped him create a dish, but teach a man to cook and he may take over your kitchen..”Chef Dee