Broiled Chicken Breast with Mixed Vegetables & Salad

Larger Salad portion after splurging over the weekend!

This is another short cut, aka sort of a cheat, that comes in handy after a long day at work.

Though its not technically made from scratch, its not processed or packaged either, so we’re meeting well past the halfway mark. What we’re referring to here is freshly Roasted Whole Chicken sold in most grocery stores, some you may find with varying flavors, all natural, GMO Free, organic and even still piping hot when you bring it home – and you need them to be hot, or at the very least warm.

But that really isn’t all there is to it.

The trick, that we’ve found works perfectly well, is to cut up your Chicken in quarters, placing the two Breasts and two Legs (Thighs and Drumsticks) together on two separate large pieces of foil each. To be clear, this means that the two Breasts go together on top of one large piece of foil that has been placed on top of another large piece of foil, and the two Legs go together on top of one large piece of foil that….. well, you get the idea. You do not need to wait until the Chicken cools down. If there are any juices remaining in the bottom of the container, make sure to pour every last drop onto your Chicken. Pour more over the Breasts than you would on the Legs since they get drier when reheating, and wrap them up tightly to ensure the juices don’t spill. You can do this by wrapping it with the first foil sheet, then turning it half way and wrapping it again with the second – mystery solved. We buy two or three Chicken at a time to reduce the time spent portioning and it has worked out very well, so why not. We then place each wrapped foil into an appropriate sized Freezer Bag, and put it in the freezer until needed. Make sure to also note the cut and date on each bag, and of course use the older packages first.

On the day you decide to use your Chicken, take it out of the freezer in the morning and leave it to thaw in the sink or large bowl. Do not unwrap the Chicken. If its needs to be ready before dinner, take it out the night before and allow it to thaw overnight.

When you’re ready to prepare dinner, heat up your broiler and rather than using the broiler pan, cover a heat resistant cookie sheet with foil and place a rack on top of the foil instead. Why? Well, much less time doing dishes of course. You just rip the foil off and throw it away – saves water too. But an even better reason is that when the fat and juices drip onto the foil, you can easily spoon those yummy juices (not the fat) and pour over your Chicken. There are great pans that come ready with a rack on the market today, here is one we found on Amazon and it’s review on Our Kitchen Essentials. (Updated)

Now remove the Chicken from the plastic bag, but leave it in the foil. Broil it for about 10 minutes, again still wrapped in the foil, to allow the juices to steam heat the Chicken retaining its moisture and flavor. Remember, its already been cooked so handling and eating Raw Chicken is not going to be an issue here. When time is up, unwrap the foil, but don’t remove it completely, just enough to expose the Chicken. Place it under the broiler for an additional 1-3 minutes to let the top of the Chicken brown, but not burn of course, so keep an eye out if you’re not used to using your broiler, and also make sure to time it until you know exactly how much time it will take since ovens and broilers vary.

That’s pretty much it! The Chicken will be juicy, moist and the skin will be crisp as if it was freshly roasted. Serve with a healthy portion of Steamed Vegetables and a side salad and dinner is, once again, served!!

Make sure your vegetables and salad dressing are Gluten Free if you are sensitive or intolerant.

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