Hot Hot Hot Wings!

Here’s a Sunday staple at our kitchen, especially during Football season!

(Is it Sunday yet?)

After experimenting week after week, Dave has just about perfected them. They’re crunchy, flavorful and REALLY REALLY hot it burns our lips gobbling them down, but we still can’t get enough. Serve them with Blue Cheese Sauce if you can’t take the heat, or don’t, they’re absolutely delicious – and did we mention they’re baked?!!

Dave uses only a few ingredients: Lots of Chicken Wings, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, a few drops of Tabasco Pepper Sauce, Dried Oregano, Butter and Fresh Ground Pepper. Since he’s experimenting with this one trying to incorporate more fresh ingredients – he won’t let us peek in after this one, be on the lookout for more of his experiments and tips to help you make even hotter than hot wings too!

Feel free to post your questions and we’ll make sure he shares his knowledge and infinite ‘wingsdom’ with you, lol.

3 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot Wings!

  1. So Dave was nice enough to follow through and create a short video demonstrating the making of his awesome hot hot hot wings sauce. For the record, this is an amateur kitchen and he’s not a professional, so yes he got a little nervous resulting in a few ‘faux-pas’s. He did care enough to elaborate though:

    1. Do not use a knife to stir, unless it’s the only utensil you have, or in his case, within reach.
    2. Do not dip the wings in the sauce halfway through cooking and then add onto the finished dish, if you want to use the leftover sauce make sure to set some aside as you don’t want anything that touched the uncooked chicken to go anywhere near your sauce.
    3. It’s a saucepan not a pot and you can substitute the sauce and soup thickener used with corn starch or nothing at all if you want a lighter sauce
    4. The amount of butter or butter substitute goes according to your taste, so experiment. It maybe our unhealthy weekend treat, but that doesn’t mean you should too.
    5. Do not wipe the counter off onto the kitchen floor! We clean our kitchen after every meal, so if you wish to imitate then follow the same rule! (bad Dave bad)

    Warning: This is a super duper hot, so start with half the sauce and see where that takes you and step it up as needed.

    Finally, ENJOY, he’s made tons of wings and we’re just about ready to feast, thank you Dave!!!

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