Newly Sprouted Sprout Variety

Grown 1/24/2011

We are huge fans of sprouting, not only are sprouts nutritious, but also add an extra crunchy texture and color to any dish, from soup, mains and salads to sandwiches, and it’s delicious with a seemingly endless variety. And today, we’ve created this post to share the life of our newly grown sprouts.

Although you can grow sprouts in a variety of containers, like jars, we’ve opted to use sprouters to help make the watering, harvesting and storage processes easier. Selling under $15 online or at stores and the seeds ranging between $0.5-3, depending on how fancy a variety you select, makes it a very smart investment. Here is a good one we found on Amazon and its review created upon our request at Our Kitchen Essentials.

First, soak the seeds in hot water and in a warm place overnight to swell a bit, some will even sprout a little by that time too. Transfer the seeds to your sprouter/container of choice and wash or soak briefly in warm water twice daily, keeping them in a well lit warm place, maybe near a window. Try to remove any shells as you wash, otherwise, be thorough before eating.

Here are our favorites and one experimental.


Grown 1/24/2011

From the top: Zesty Mix, Beets, Radish and the delicious, high in Vitamin C, Mung Beans.

The Zesty Mix grows quickly and is great on salads or as a garnish as it’s a fresh mixture of several varieties. The Beets we haven’t tried before and so are crossing our fingers for great results. The Radish sprouts are great too, tangy and smaller in size, but very good.

Finally, our favorite, the Mung Beans, very tasty, quick growing and you can manipulate their color by alternating their placement between light and shade, where they’ll grow green or white respectively. They’re great in everything, whether topping, garnish, sandwich or salad and way too easy to grow, did we also mention VERY good for you?

There are so many other varieties out there, and that we’ve purchased, but those are definitely the ones we liked best and think you will as well, at least for starters before expanding your sprout horizons.

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