South Western Shrimp Taco Bowl


Here’s one we ‘discovered’ recently and couldn’t wait to try out again. with different components.

You can adjust the ingredients here to suit your taste, or available ingredients, this is a very versatile dish that you an have fun experimenting with.

The two fixed parts here are  the Taco Bowl and Shrimps of course.

Although there are specific molds that create the perfect taco bowl, like this here on Amazon and reviewed here on Our Kitchen Essentials, you can also use an oven proof deep bowl to achieve a somewhat similar result. You only need to lightly grease your mold of choice with some cooking spray to prevent sticking and then fit the tortilla into it making sure to tuck it well because that is how it will harden. Bake on a 375 f (190 c) preheated oven for about 10-15 minutes until it starts to brown and crisp slightly to the touch. It will harden even further once it cools. Its simple once you get things going.

For the Shrimp itself you will need to marinate it for about 4-6hrs in any ready made South Western marinade of your choice. Pan sear the shrimps in a little Olive Oil and cook till it is no longer opaque an turns slightly orange. Make sure not to let it sit for too long, it will overcook in no time and becomes quite rubbery. So once it turns a bit brown stir to ensure both sides are fully cooked and remove from the heat will you prepare the rets of your bowl ingredients. Here are a few of combinations that we found very successful starting with the one pictured:

  • Shrimps over Rice with prepared Steamed/ Microwavable Frozen Vegetable Mix.
  • Shrimps over Rice, Corn and Beans topped with Sour Cream.
  • Shrimps over Salad, Avocado Slices and topped with an Asian Style Dressing. If you toss it, make sure to serve immediately before the shell begins to absorb the dressing and gets soggy. We recommend layering your ingredients and adding the dressing right before serving.

Really the possibilities here are endless, so mix and match away.

And check out our original post where we stumbled upon this little gem: Quick Taco Bowl Salad

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